10 things I love about my children

It would be wrong to write a blog about being a Dad without taking a little time to introduce my children to hopefully explain why I am so proud to be their 20130911-012551.jpgdad.

Big J is a cheeky little boy who apparently looks exactly like me and is growing into a very confident little man.  Little J is a perfect girl who’s smile can melt hearts.

They are great kids but here are the 10 things I love about them the most.

  1.  They love their beds. Most nights they are tucked up fast asleep by 7:30pm which means peace and quiet.
  2.  They love each other.  Whilst they do fight and push you can tell that they love being with each other.
  3.  They love retro cartoons.  From Postman Pat to Scooby Doo they love old school cartoons.
  4.  They laugh at my jokes. I think they are the only people who think I’m funny.
  5. They are resilient and adaptive. No matter who has them or where they are they get on with it with very few tears.
  6.  They have great smiles.  you can tell they are really happy kids.
  7.  They love their mum.  I know I am their second most favourite person in the world but I don’t hold it against them as their mum is pretty amazing.
  8.  They can fart on cue.  Well just big J at the moment but little J is not far behind.
  9. They are easy please – they don’t need expensive toys just some imagination and some attention.
  10. They love me back– which is the only reward I need for being their dad

Middle Aged Dad


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