First trip into the loft (attic)

There is nothing more beautiful than the face of your son when you tell him that you are going to let him go up in the loft for the first time.

Up until now the loft (or sky parlour) had been a mysterious place where daddy disappeared into with boxes only to come back with dusty objects that he had forgotten he owned. It was also a magical place where at Christmas time you can hear Santa walking around making reindeer noises.

Holding tight to the ladder he climbed up and entered the wooden palace in the roof. His initial words were of awe and amazement which quickly turned to curiosity as to what was in all the boxes.

3 year olds are pretty easy to impress but this was a big day for him and one I’m sure he will remember fondly in the years to come.

Now I just wish I had a house with a basement so I could give him that experience as well.