Hitting 35

Hitting 35 is often only acknowledged by the fact that you can no longer tick the 18-34 box that appears on most surveys. In contrast turning 16, 18, 21, 30, 40 and even 65 are actively celebrated as key milestones and accompanied by the almost compulsory birthday parties.

Of course this approach completely neglects the fact that 35 is the peak of our modern lives and should be celebrated as the half way point where we can stop and reflect on our achievements before continuing on life’s colourful journey towards death.

The popular media will of course try and convince you that middle age does not begin until 50, however this is a myth populated by those in their mid 40’s who are still trying to convince themselves that they have most of their life still ahead ¬†despite the fact that they are already well past the half way point.

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